uMkhumbane Museum Memories

Materiality Expressed in its Pure Form –

Tectonic Expression in Architecture,reveals all parts of it’s construction

Concrete – Brick – Metals

Liquid Stone  – Clay – Ore

Point of intersection – Artistic Expression

The project is constructed from three primary materials familiar to the community,namely;

Concrete, Brick and Metals

 Organic forms – informed by Nature and Culture

-materials  primarily sourced locally

            – constructed from skills within the community.

The Choice of Red Clay Facebrick as the primary cladding material,

was informed by the following criteria:

 Red clay bricks, a material indegenous to the alluvial plains of Durban,low maintenance,labour intensive,certified practical skills training on a landmark city project,buildable by local builders,symbolic of humble,robust, permanence,historically the first man-made material-earth,water and fire

The brick cladding created engineering challenges. It was unable to hold its own weight for the heights required in galleries,

The solution was discovered through research of historical precedence.

The team decided to construct a set of diaphragm walls increasing stiffness to high gallery walls which improved acoustics,thermal mass, waterproofing and overall structural properties to the entire building”s outer shell.

Metals include:

7 steel columns supporting the perforated aluminium screen,shaping an entrance and a 36 metre vertical courtyard gallery,juxaposed to a corrugated aluminium facade.

Building as a structural concrete skeleton, dressed with brick and shrouded in metals.