uMkhumbane Museum Memories

The Nurturer-Spirit of a Zulu Queen

The Museum  Honours its First Leader

Queen Thomozile Jezangani Ka – Ndwandwe Zulu

Forgotten Queen

Separated Mother

Inspiration for Change

Queen Thomo,lived in Mayville after having to leave the Royal House.

A  women of tall stature and strong character, a gifted Artisan and Traditional Zulu Musician.

 Active political interest during her lifetime.

 Queen Thomozile passed on in the 1950’s.

 Second wife to King Cyprian Bhekuzulu Nyangayezizwe and mother of two sons including

the present King Goodwill Zwelethini.

2011 – Queen Thomo’s Reinterment on the site and construction of her symbolic crypt

 Location within the Community gives honour to her role as a mother and leader.

Her connection to the uMkhumbane Museum re – iterates the memory of her

creative identity and her concern with the advancement of her people.