uMkhumbane Museum Memories

A Symbiotic Relationship between Ecology and Architecture 

Design filtered through the prism of ecological existence

Man – Nature – Architecture

Nature – a dominant material on the palette of the artist

The site has high ecological value as it sits within the
‘d’ moss zone of delineated natural landscape.
Connection to this environment is a strong design
generator. Specifically, the influence of the historical
Umkhumbane River acts as an important ‘line of
energy’ which informs an organic approach to the
The ecologically sensitive site and polluted river
provides the potential to act as a community
rehabilitation project.
The endangered black-headed dwarf chameleon,
discovered on the site has been temporarily
relocated to a conserved area to be reintroduced to
the park.
The identification and rescue of the chameleon is a
symbol of co-operation between developers and
conservation authorities in KwaZulu-Natal. The
eThekwini municipality plan to extend the chameleon
habitat for the preservation of the species.
References in natural and ancient forms permeate
the living culture of today and are influential in
designing a meaningful yet widely accessible public

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