Uia 2017 Power Point Presentation. Choromanski Architects

Presentation at the International Union of Architects(UIA) 2017 World Architecture Congress, Seoul South Korea. by Rod Choromanski and Mhlengi Gumede

uMkhumbane Museum.Choromanski Architects

African Architecture Awards Countdown – Day 3

uMkhumbane Museum. Choromanski Architects

African Architecture Awards Countdown – Day 10


uMkhumbane Museum Movie Entry

uMkhumbane Museum Memories

A 10 day countdown from conception to completion of the uMkhumbane Museum. A short glimpse into some of our favorite stories and photos along the journey from a community rich in culture and history. A community which resonates across the city.

Culture     Community

Person      Place

Art             Activism

View UIA 2017 Outstanding Paper/ Design Work Presentation

UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress. Choromanski Architects

UIA 2017 World Architecture Congress Seoul Korea -Rod Choromanski & Mhlengi Gumede awarded outstanding paper / Design Work Presentation Award

O-0860 Umkhumbane Cultural Place (paper pdf )