Curries Fountain Sports and Recreation Hub

A joint venture with Ruben Reddy Architects to develop this historically significant Curries Fountain recreational grounds into a contemporary, integrated educational and social hub.

2004-2005 complete

client eThekwini Municipality

location Warwick – KwaZulu-Natal


The form of the development is governed by a few key factors:

The North South orientation of the grounds, providing the best possible environment for spectators to view sports.

The connection of the 2 previously separated campuses.

Creation of more space for the Technikon.

Creation of a sports centre.

The land locked nature of the site, constraining the architectural footprint , thereby resulting in a higher density development.


The Curries Fountain Masterplan establishes the broad response to the site planning, identifying the major components that will make up the overall precinct. The connection to the adjacent campuses are an essential part of the masterplan. The master plan is a plan of opportunity it lays the foundations for the growth of the precinct in the future. The centre of gravity of the proposed scheme creates a symbiotic relationship between it and the two adjoining campuses.

A Democratic Public Arena + Precinct

The spaces within and surrounding the development will be truly public, infused with a civic function that encourages spontaneous gathering, meeting and promenading, as well as more structured public events such as markets. The centerpiece of the public realm will be the public square off Winterton Walk and the bridge link spanning across it. These multi-layered elements will support multiple functions including events and performances, eating, drinking and shopping as well as casual meeting.

Design that responds to the theatre of the game The sports grounds are design to harness the energy of the crowd, to heighten the drama or theatre of the sporting events or game being played. Sightlines in the scheme are excellent, as is the proximity between the majority of the seating and the game. Good quality services, facilities and amenities are in close proximity to all seating.

Commercial health + Well-being of the precinct

Ensuring the commercial health and well being of the precinct is of fundamental importance to the project. There is a potential for the inclusion of sports facilities, accommodation for visiting sports teams and conference members. The public square plays a key role in the creation of additional revenue streams with a wealth of recreational, food and beverage opportunities throughout the square.