Durban Harbour Tunnel North and South Entrance Structures & Mahatma Gandhi Road Sewer Pump Station

service structure for Durban’s harbour tunnel designed as an urban sculpture and orientation device

North & South entrance structures to 4 metre diameter concrete tunnel below Harbour Entrance Channel- contract period  2005-2007

Addition of Sewer Pump retrofit to North structure of Mahatma Gandhi Road,Durban Point

client eThekwini Municipality

location Point Precinct – Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal

urban sensitivity

The location of the top structure at the end of Point Road has been determined by the tunnel layout which required a sensitive design approach within the Durban Point Development Framework Plan.

architectural sensitivity

The structure forms a capsule allowing workers and vehicles 24-hour access within a safe environment,to service the harbour tunnel and sewer pump below a very public site above.

While responsive to the industrial harbour context, the sculptural  roof  serves as a recognisable landscape public place to a significant water edge.

All stone has been reconstituted from waste collected from various local stonemasons. The stone matches that of the local dark grey dolerite, which served historically as a significant building material, to the Durban Harbour Walls.