Tourism KZN Offices

The project involves the restoration and renovation of heritage structures for new use as KZN Tourism Offices

current tender process

client KZN Tourism

location Point Precinct – Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natall


The original structure, used as Stevedore barracks and a haystore is historically significant as one of the few remaining red clay face-brick structures in the Point precinct. It forms a tangible connection to a period pre-dating the mechanisation of Durban harbour.

The offices express the nature of an industrial district while adhering to contemporary urban principles and socially sustainable design.

By creating a new use for an existing structure, the project serves to protect the historic architecture as well as utilise existing resources.

New interventions are visibly juxtaposed with the old, providing a layering of identities and adding to the character of the complex.

The design expresses a sense of nostalgia while looking to the future. This is achieved by taking the memory of the architecture forward to provide new relevance for future generations of users.