Umkhumbane Cultural Park

Winner of a national design competition for Cato Manor’s forced removals museum – 2003

current phase 1a + b

client : eThekwini Municiplality

location Cato Manor – Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal

publication :KZNIA journal issue 3/2003

 uMkhumbane Museum Grand  Prix Winner-

of the first Africa Architecture Awards 2017

The 2003 architectural competition, conceptualised the design of a cultural museum to mark the Heritage of Umkhumbane (Cato Manor).

Choromanksi Architects are currently developing the project as a cultural urban complex comprising of the following elements:

1. Queen thomo memorial crypt

internment : 7 may 2011

construction : early 2012

2.uMkhumbane Museum – construction 2017

3. Forced Removals Museum – future phase

4. uMkhumbane Public Square – future phase

5. umkhumbane park + amphitheatre

6. Concession Buildings – future phase

The heritage of Umkhumbane holds national relevance and global significance as one the worlds largest forced removals site.

Community uprisings, subjugation and eventual emancipation form a major part of the sites history. The heritage of the people who resisted oppression permeates through the present as a triumphal spirit of freedom. This spirit is an inspiration for the development of a complex which celebrates life, growth and the transition of a community of people.